Camerin Oscura
by Andres Burbano


Camerin Obscura is a reactive installation based on a hand made Camera Obscura - an ancient tool for visualization - that includes a basic artificial vision system and a sound server creating an unusual experience integrating optical image, audio synthesis and computation. From a cultural point of view the project is an attempt to explore the Do It Yourself roots as an important characteristic of American culture.


End of Year Show - 2008/2009
University of California Santa Barbara
Media Arts and Technology


*Camerin Obscura* video 1:00 min.

The software is Processing which reads the visual information -video in real time- and SuperCollider server -audio in real time- which translates some parameters from Processing into sound. The project runs on a mac mini with a firewire video camera and sound speakers. The Camera Obscura has a plane convex lens, a (brighter) mirror and a fresnel lens which receive the final projection.


I was searching for the optics and lenses in on-line stores like Edmund Optics or Anchor Optics and the basic materials are available and are affordable.
On the other hand for the computational part, I am using a combination of Processing and SuperCollider based on the workshop *Listening to Images* by Daniel Sauter, AUDO festival 2008.




Edmund Optics

Achor Optics

Listening to Images Workshop by D Sauter